Managing Illiquid Assets : Perspectives and Challenges Savita, Verma

The valuation and management of ongoing fixed assets within financial institutions is an ongoing concern, even during so-called ‘normal’ low volatility market conditions. When markets are volatile, go through a liquidity crunch, or during a full-blown debt crisis, anxiety can quickly turn into a full-time engagement. In this new book, the authors cover the many aspects of the valuation and ongoing management of liquid assets that contribute to this engagement, including: Perspectives and Challenges of Liquidity Risk Management; External methods and approaches available in the literature for valuing liquid assets; US liquidity issues related to the mortgage loan market; Key regulatory responses to the financial crisis on liquidity risk management; Key topics related to liquidity risk in the Basel III regime; a new mathematical model to incorporate liquidity price adjustments for over the counter contracts; risk management best practices; and the limitations of existing risk management systems with a view to the future of risk management. By bringing together the perspective of experts and practitioners on the management of these high-risk, and often complex, financial assets, all the key issues related to illiquid asset valuation are explored.
Managing Illiquid Assets : Perspectives and Challenges Savita, Verma 1ebook

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